Altova StyleVision 2024 Professional Edition

The Insert Barcode command pops up the Insert Barcode dialog (screenshot below).




Two properties, Type and Text, are mandatory; the others are optional and/or have appropriate default values. After entering values for the mandatory properties and any other properties you wish to set, click OK. The barcode you have specified (such as that for the ISBN shown below) will be inserted in the design. For detailed information about the various barcode properties, see the section, Barcodes.




Important: For barcodes to work, a Java Runtime Environment must be installed. This must be version 1.4 or later in a bit version that corresponds to the bit version of the StyleVision package installed on your system: 32-bit or 64-bit.


Important: For barcodes to be generated in the output, you must use Altova's XSLT processor to generate the output. This is because the barcodes in an SPS are generated by calling special Java extension functions that are not part of the XSLT standard. Altova's XSLT processors support these specific extension functions, whereas other XSLT processors very probably do not. As a result, barcodes will not be generated if processed with a non-Altova XSLT processor. The Altova XSLT processor is packaged with StyleVision, and is automatically called when you generate output via the Generate commands in the File menu. Alternatively, you can use RaptorXML Server, which is a Altova's standalone XSLT processor.


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