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An SPS can be based on a schema that is generated from a DB or have a DB-based schema (DB schema) as one of its schema sources. A DB schema can be created as a schema source in one of the following ways:


The DB schema is generated for a new SPS when the SPS is created directly from a DB (File | New | New from DB or File | New | New from XML Column in DB Table).

The DB schema is added to a new empty SPS that has no schema sources (in the Design Overview sidebar).


The respective DB-schema-generation commands generate a temporary XML Schema from the selected DB and creates the schema as a schema source in the Schema Tree sidebar, or the command loads a DB-based schema (DB schema) from an XML DB. An element extraneous to the DB, called DB, is created as the document element, and the DB structure is created within this document element. During the schema creation process, you will be prompted to select which tables or data from the database you wish to import. These database tables will be created in the XML Schema as children of the DB element and also as items in the Global Templates list.


Creating the XML Schema from a DB

Creating the XML Schema from a DB consists of two steps:


Connecting to a Database. This consists essentially of browsing for the DB file (if it is a MS Access DB), or building a connection string (all other DBs except MS Access).

DB Data Selection. In this step, the table or data structure from the database is selected. In the case of non-XML DBs, the temporary XML Schema that is generated and the XML file that is created will be based on the selected data tables.


After the schema source appears in the Schema Tree window, you can start designing the SPS. A temporary XML File is created each time an output preview tab is clicked. The XML file is structured according to the generated XML Schema and contains data from the selected DB tables.


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