Altova StyleVision 2024 Professional Edition

Setting up StyleVision

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Altova StyleVision runs on Windows 10, Windows 11. After downloading StyleVision from the Altova website, double-click the executable (.exe) file to run the setup program. The setup program will install StyleVision at the desired location. The Altova XSLT Engines (1.0 and 2.0) are built into StyleVision and are used for all internal transformations. You, therefore, do not need to install an XSLT Engine additionally to your StyleVision installation.


You will, however, need to have the following components installed:


Internet Explorer 5.5 or later, for Authentic View, HTML Preview and Design View. Internet Explorer 6.0 and later has better XML support and is recommended.

Microsoft Word 2000 or later, for RTF Preview. Microsoft Word 2003 or later is recommended. For copy-paste from Word documents (and of content that can be pasted into Word documents, such as Excel tables and HTML page content) Word 2007+ is required

Microsoft Word 2007-and-higher or Microsoft's Word 2007-and-higher Viewer, for previewing Word 2007-and-higher output in the Word 2007-and-higher Preview tab. Microsoft Word 2003 with compatibilty pack can be used for previewing Word 2007-and-higher output, but is sometimes unable to render Word 2007-and-higher files properly.


Note:In this documentation, we use the abbreviation Word 2007+ to refer to Microsoft Word 2007 or higher versions of this program.


Note:If there is a problem with an embedded preview, StyleVision will attempt to open the preview document in an external application (usually MS Word or Adobe Reader). An error message about the embedded preview will appear in StyleVision. If the preview document is opened in an external application, you will need to close the external application before regenerating the temporary output document, otherwise you will get an error message saying the file is being used by another process. You should also close the external application before closing the SPS design, otherwise StyleVision will not be able to close the temporary output document due to the file lock placed on the document by the external application.




RaptorXML can be used to transform XML to the required output format.


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