Altova StyleVision 2024 Professional Edition

StyleVision Server can be used via its command line interface (CLI) on Windows, Linux. and Mac OS systems to transform XML files into output HTML, PDF, RTF, and DOCX documents. The StyleVision Server CLI's generate command takes an XML file and a PXF file as its two arguments, and the desired output formats as its parameters. The XSLT stylesheets for the transformation are obtained from the PXF file submitted as input.


An advantage of using StyleVision Server's CLI over RaptorXML Server's CLI is that StyleVision Server can take PXF files as its input (RaptorXML takes an XSLT file as its input). StyleVision Server is however best used when used as part of an Altova FlowForce workflow. A FlowForce workflow can start transformation jobs according to preset triggers: Multiple files can be transformed automatically within a network when the FlowForce job is triggered. See the section Automation with FlowForce Server for more information.


For more information about the StyleVision Server CLI, see the StyleVision Server documentation.


Output files

StyleVision Server can generate one or more of the following files from the specified PXF file:


HTML (.html) file/s using the XML and XSLT-for-HTML files specified in the PXF, or using alternative XML files

Text file using the text document  and XSLT-for-Text files specified in the PXF

RTF file using the XML and XSLT-for-RTF files specified in the PXF, or using alternative XML files


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