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Event: OnBeforePaste (objData as Variant, strType as String) as Boolean


Scripting environment - VBScript:

Function On_AuthenticBeforePaste(objData, strType)

 ' On_AuthenticBeforePaste = False  ' to disable operation

End Function


Scripting environment - JScript:

function On_AuthenticBeforePaste(objData, strType)


 // return false;  /* to disable operation */




This event gets triggered before a paste operation gets performed on the document. The parameter strType is one of "TEXT", "UNICODETEXT" or "IUNKNOWN". In the first two cases objData contains a string representation of the object that will be pasted. In the later case, objData contains a pointer to an IUnknown COM interface.


Return True (or nothing) to allow paste operation. Return False to disable operation.

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