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Insert Table, Delete Table

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The Insert Table command ic_tbl_insert_table inserts an empty table in the design tab. Selecting this command opens a dialog box in which you select whether you wish to create a static or dynamic table.


If you choose to create a static table, a dialog prompts you for the size of the table (in terms of its rows and columns).

If you choose to create a dynamic, the XPath Selector dialog pops up, in which you can select the node that is to be created as a dynamic table. On clicking OK, the Create Dynamic Table dialog pops up, in which you can select the child nodes you wish to display as the fields of each table item. For details, see Creating dynamic tables.


You can change the structure of a table subsequently by appending, inserting, and deleting rows and/or columns.


The Delete Table command ic_tbl_delete_tbl deletes the static or dynamic table in which the cursor is.


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