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Layout Modules

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Layout Modules are objects containing a layout. The module as a whole is inserted in the SPS design and occurs as a block within the document flow. Within a Layout Module, multiple Layout Boxes, each containing standard SPS design elements, can be placed according to design requirements. Using Layout Modules, therefore, designers can create a layout just as they would using an artboard-based graphical design application.


The steps for creating a Layout Module are as follows:


1.Insert a Layout Container. The Layout Container can occupy the entire width of a page or can have any other dimensions you want. It can contain a blueprint of the design to serve as design guide and it can be formatted (in the Styles sidebar) using styles for the Layout Container.

2.Insert one or more Layout Boxes in the Layout Container. Layout Boxes can contain multiple design elements (including static text, schema nodes, Auto-Calculations, images, lists, etc), and they can be formatted (in the Styles sidebar) using styles for the Layout Box. Layout Boxes can also be moved relative to each other within the Layout Container and can be positioned in front of or behind each other.

3.Lines can be drawn, formatted, positioned and moved to the front or back of the stack of layout objects (Layout Boxes and other Lines).


Note:Layout Modules are not rendered in Text output.


Form-based designs

When you create a new SPS you are offered the choice of creating a free-flowing design or a form-based design. A form-based design is essentially an SPS design consisting of a Layout Container.


Note:Layout Modules are supported in Authentic View only in the Enterprise Editions of Altova products.


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