Altova StyleVision 2024 Professional Edition

The starting point for every application which uses the Application API is the Application object. This object contains general methods like import/export support and references to the open documents and any open project.  


The Application object is created differently in various programming languages. In scripting languages such as JScript or VBScript, this involves calling a function which initializes the application's COM object. For examples, see the Programming Languages section.


The chart below shows the links between the main objects of the Application API




| -- Documents

|    |

|    | -- Document

|    |    |

|    |    | -- Methods for assigning working XML file, saving files

|    |    | -- Methods for saving generated files

|    |    | -- Methods for activating, saving, closing SPS file


In addition there are objects for schema sources and properties, as well as methods for AuthenticView events.


Once you have created an Application object you can start using the functionality of StyleVision.


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