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This command installs one or more schemas.



<exec> install [options] Schema+


To install multiple schemas, add the Schema argument multiple times.


The Schema argument is one of the following:


A schema identifier (having a format of <name>-<version>, for example: cbcr-2.0). To find out the schema identifiers of the schemas you want, run the list command. You can also use an abbreviated identifier if it is unique, for example docbook. If you use an abbreviated identifier, then the latest version of that schema will be installed.

The path to a .altova_xmlschemas file downloaded from the Altova website. For information about these files, see Introduction to SchemaManager: How It Works.



The install command takes the following options:


--silent, --s

Display only error messages. The default is false.

--verbose, --v

Display detailed information during execution. The default is false.

--help, --h

Display help for the command.



The following command installs the CBCR 2.0 (Country-By-Country Reporting) schema and the latest DocBook DTD:


xmlschemamanager install cbcr-2.0 docbook


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