Altova StyleVision 2024 Professional Edition

The File menu contains commands for working with SPSs and related files. The following commands are available:


New, to create a new SPS from a variety of sources.

Open, Reload, Close, Close All, to open and close the active file, and to reload the active file.

Save Design, Design As, All, which are commands to save the active SPS and all open SPS files.

Export as MobileTogether Design File, to generate a MobileTogether design from the active SPS file.

Save Authentic XML Data, Save As, enabled in Authentic View, it saves changes to the Working XML File.

Save Generated Files, to save output files that can be generated using the SPS.

Web Design, generates all the files required to run an ASPX application, in the folder location you specify.

Properties, to set the encoding of the output documents, the CSS compatibility mode of the browser, how relative image paths in Authentic View should be resolved, and whether images should be embedded or linked in the RTF (Enterprise and Professional editions) and Word 2007+ (Enterprise edition only) outputs.

Print Preview, Print, enabled in Authentic View and output views, these commands print what is displayed in the previews.

Most Recently Used Files, Exit, respectively, to select a recently used file to open, and to exit the program.


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