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Importing the .mff File Into MapForce

After you have created a custom .mff file (see Configuring the .mff File ), you can import it into MapForce as follows:


1.On the Tools menu, click Options. (Alternatively, click Add/Remove Libraries in the lower area of the Libraries window.)
2.Next to Libraries, click Add, and select the custom .mff file.


The imported library becomes visible in the Libraries window after you set the mapping language to a language targeted by the custom library.


If you save the *.mff file in the ...\Altova\MapForce2019\MapForceLibraries folder relative to the Program Files (or Program Files (x86) folder), then the library is automatically loaded into Libraries window when you start MapForce. Libraries and their functions can be toggled on or off, by deleting or adding the respective library file (*.mff).

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