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The MapForce API

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The COM-based API of MapForce enables clients to access the functionality of MapForce from a custom code or application, and automate a wide range of tasks.


The MapForce COM API follows the common specifications for automation servers as set out by Microsoft. MapForce is automatically registered as a COM server object during installation. Once the COM server object is registered, you can invoke it from within applications and scripting languages that have programming support for COM calls. This makes it possible to access the MapForce API not only from development environments using .NET, C++ and Visual Basic, but also from scripting languages like JScript and VBScript.


Note the following:


If you use the MapForce API to create an application that you intend to distribute to other clients, MapForce must be installed on each client computer. Also, your custom integration code must be deployed to (or your application installed on) each client computer.

Certain API methods, such as Document.GenerateOutput, require that the MapForce main window is visible, or MapForce (running as a COM server) is embedded within a graphical user interface. If you need to run mappings in a fully unattended manner, across various platforms, consider using MapForce Server (

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