Altova MapForce 2024 Professional Edition

Debugger Preparation

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Debugging preparation is primarily required for big data mappings that are likely to need a lot of system memory to execute. This is the case of mappings that either process very big input or output files, or repeatedly iterate through large collections of data.


To make debugging faster and reduce memory requirements, it is recommended to do the following before you start debugging:


If the mapping is complex, remove or disconnect parts of the mapping that need not be debugged.

If the mapping uses big input files, replace them with files of smaller size.

Ensure that the Keep full trace history option is disabled (see Debugger Settings )


Also, to ensure you are debugging the right output, check the following if applicable:


If the mapping has multiple target components, select the target component to be debugged by clicking the Preview button ( ic-preview-buttondown ).

If the mapping is chained, release the Pass-Through ( ic-passthrough-buttondown ) button on the intermediary component. Debugging Pass-Through components is currently not supported.


Optionally, if you want the debugger to stop at some important connectors whose value you want to analyze, add breakpoints to these connectors (see Adding and Removing Breakpoints ).

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