Altova MapForce 2024 Professional Edition

In addition to the built-in fixed design, you can create custom stylesheets for the generated mapping documentation with StyleVision ( You can also change any of the predefined stylesheets, for example, by adjusting the fonts and other styles.


A custom design is a StyleVision Power StyleSheet (SPS). The advantage of using an SPS for generating mapping documentation is that you have complete control over the design of the documentation.


To create a custom SPS file, the following is required:


1.The XML Schema that provides the structure of the generated MapForce documentation. This schema is called MapForceDocumentation.xsd and is delivered with your MapForce installation package. It is stored in the ...\Documents\Altova\MapForce2024\Documentation\MapForce folder. Note that the MapForceDocumentation.xsd includes the Documentation.xsd file located in the folder above it.

2.Some sample data to test and preview the custom design. You can use the following XML file as sample data : ...\Documents\Altova\MapForce2024\Documentation\MapForce\SampleData\PersonListByBranchOffice.xml.


The files mentioned above must be referenced in the Design Overview window in StyleVision, for example:


In StyleVision, you create a design by dragging nodes from the Schema Tree window onto the design area and assigning styles and properties to them.


You can also add additional components such as links and images to the SPS design. To preview the design in a specific format, click any of the following tabs: HTML, RTF, PDF, or Word 2007+. For more details, refer to StyleVision documentation (

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