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Configure Second Target

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Now we need to add and configure the second target file (FilteredLibrary.xml), which will contain only a subset of <book> elements from MergedLibrary.xml.


Add the second target component

To add the second target component, click the toolbar button ic-new-schema (Insert XML Schema/File) and open Library.xsd. Click Skip when prompted to supply a sample instance file. The second target component has only structure but no content. At a later stage, we will map the filtered data to this target file. The mapping design now looks as follows:



Configure the second target component

As shown above, the mapping now has two source components (Books and Library) and two target components (MergedLibrary and Library). To avoid confusion, we will rename the newly added component FilteredLibrary. To do this, double-click the header of the right-most component and edit the component settings as follows:



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