Altova MapForce 2022 Professional Edition

This topic lists all the menu commands available in the Debug menu.

Start Debugging (F11)

Starts or continues debugging until a breakpoint is hit or the mapping finishes.


Stop Debugging (Shift + F5)

Stops debugging. This command exits the debug mode and switches MapForce back to standard mode.


Step Into (F11)

Executes the mapping until a single step is finished anywhere in the mapping. In the mapping debugger, a step is a logical group of dependent computations which normally produce a single item of a sequence.


Depending on the mapping context, this command roughly translates into "go to the left/go to target child/go to source parent".


Step Over (F10)

Continues execution until the current step finishes (or finishes again for another item of the sequence), or an unrelated step finishes. This command steps over computations that are inputs of the current step.


Step Out (Shift + F11)

Continues execution until the result of the current step is consumed or a step is executed that is not an input or child of the consumption. This command steps out of the current computation.


Depending on the mapping context, this command roughly translates into "go to the right/go to target parent/go to source child".


Minimal Step (Ctrl + F11)

Continues execution until a value is produced or consumed. This command subdivides a step and will typically stop twice for each connection: once when its source produces a value and once when its target consumes it. MapForce does not necessarily compute values in the order the mapping would suggest, so production and consumption events do not always follow each other.


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