Altova MapForce 2023 Professional Edition

Copying, Sorting, and Searching the Query Results

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The Results tab of the DB Query pane shows the recordset retrieved as a result of a database query.


The toolbar buttons enable navigation between results and SQL statements and facilitate searching within the query results.



Find: Searches a specific text within the displayed results. Press F3 to go to the next occurrence of the search term.


Go to statement: Jumps to the SQL Editor and highlights the SQL statement that produced the current result. This might be particularly useful when the SQL Editor contains multiple statements.

To select cells from the query results:

Click a column header to select the entire column

Click a row number to select the entire row

Click individual cells. Holding down the Ctrl key while clicking allows you to make multiple selections. If a column or cell contains XML data then this data can also be copied.


Note: The context menu can also be used to select data, Selection | Row | Column | All.

To copy the selected cells to clipboard:

Right-click and select Copy selected cells from the context menu.

To sort data:

Right-click anywhere in the column to be sorted and select Sorting | Ascending or Descending

Click the sort icon in the column header


The data is sorted according to the contents of the sorted column.

To restore the default sort order:

Right-click anywhere in the table and choose Sorting | Restore default from the context menu.

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