Altova MapForce 2024 Professional Edition

For any project, you can specify code generation settings that will affect all the mappings inside your project. To open the Project Settings dialog box (see screenshot below), do one of the following:


Right-click the project name in the Project window and select Properties in the context menu.

Go to the Project menu and click Properties.


The available settings are listed below. Note that the project name and the project directory cannot be changed after the project has been created.


Output name: The value entered in this text field determines the names of the generated project/solution and other objects in the generated code.

Output directory: Defines the Windows folder where the generated code from all mappings in this project will be saved. By default, the output is saved to the MapForceExamples\output\ directory.

Language: Defines a code generation language for all mapping files in this project. For details about generating code, see Code Generation.

Base package name: This setting applies if Java has been selected as a transformation language. The setting defines the name of the base package in the generated Java project.


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