Altova MapForce 2023 Professional Edition

SQL SELECT Statements as Virtual Tables

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MapForce supports the creation of SQL SELECT statements with parameters in database components. These are table-like structures that contain the fields of the result set generated by the SELECT statement. These structures can then be used as a mapping data source, like any table or view defined in the database.


When using Inner/Outer joins in the SELECT statement, fields of all tables are included in the component.

Expressions with correlation names (using the SQL "AS" keyword) also appear as a mappable items in the component.

Database views can also be used in the FROM clause.

SELECT statements can contain parameters which use the same syntax as the SQL WHERE/ORDER component.


SQL SELECT statements are supported in C++, C#, Java, and BUILT-IN languages, as long as they do not contain input parameters. SQL SELECT statements with input parameters are supported only in the BUILT-IN transformation language.


Once the SELECT statement has been added to a database component, the fields returned by it are available for mapping, for example:


The number of visible lines of the SELECT statement is configurable. To define the number of lines you want to see on the component, select the menu command Tools | Options, click the General tab and enter the number of lines in the Mapping View group.

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