Altova MapForce 2024 Professional Edition

After you add an XML component to the mapping area, you can configure its settings in the Component Settings dialog box (see screenshot below). You can open the Component Settings dialog box in one of the following ways:


By double-clicking the component header

By right-clicking the component header and selecting Properties

By selecting the component in the mapping and clicking Properties in the Component menu


The available settings are described in the subsections below.


General settings


Output Encoding

Allows you to specify the following settings of the output instance file:


Encoding name

Byte order

Whether the byte order mark (BOM) character should be included


By default, any new components have the encoding defined in the Default encoding for new components option. You can access this option from Tools | Options (General section).


If the mapping generates XSLT 1.0/2.0, activating the Byte Order Mark check box does not have any effect, as these languages do not support Byte Order Marks.


StyleVision Power Stylesheet file

This option allows you to select or create an Altova StyleVision stylesheet file. Such files enable you to output data from the XML instance file to a variety of formats suitable for reporting, such as HTML, RTF, and others. See also Using Relative Paths on a Component.


Other settings


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