Altova MapForce 2023 Professional Edition

Version 2023


Support for the following themes has been added: Classic, Light, and Dark. For more information, see Window.

Internal updates and optimizations.

Eclipse support has been updated and now covers the following versions: 2022-09, 2022-06, 2022-03, 2021-12 (Professional and Enterprise editions). For more details, see MapForce Plug-in for Eclipse.

Support for ODETTE EDI messages (Enterprise Edition).

Support for the XII Transformation Registry 5 Specification (Enterprise Edition).

It is now possible to create database-based UDF parameters and variables with a tree of related tables (Professional and Enterprise editions).

It is now possible to send an application/x-www-form-urlencoded request structure to a REST service (Enterprise Edition).

Support for UN/EDIFACT D.21B and D.22A Directories (Enterprise Edition).

Support for SQLite 3.39.2, MariaDB 10.9.2, and PostgreSQL 14.5 (Professional and Enterprise editions). To find out more about all supported databases, see Databases.

Support for XML Schema Manager that provides a centralized way to install and manage XML schemas for use across all Altova's XBRL-enabled applications.

Support for mappable EDI delimiters (Enterprise Edition). The feature is currently supported for the following EDI standards: EDIFACT, X12, and NCPDP SCRIPT.


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