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With the help of these tutorials, you will be able to understand and use the basic data transformation capabilities of MapForce. You will be guided through the basics step by step. The tutorials gradually grow in complexity. Therefore, it is recommended to follow them sequentially. Basic knowledge of XML and XML Schema will be advantageous.


Example files

The mapping files illustrated or referenced in these tutorials are available in the BasicTutorials folder. When you are in doubt about the possible effects of changing the original MapForce examples, create back-ups before changing them.


List of tutorials

One source to one target

This tutorial shows how to use key MapForce mechanisms to map the nodes of a source file to the nodes of a target file. The tutorial goes on to explain how to convert an XML file defined by one XML schema to an XML file defined by a different XML schema.


Multiple sources to one target

This tutorial shows how to merge data from multiple source XML files to one target file.


Chained mappings

In this tutorial, we create a simple mapping as in the second tutorial, then filter the data produced by this mapping and pass the filtered data to the second target file.


Multiple sources to multiple targets

This tutorial shows how to read data from multiple XML instance files located in the same folder and write this data to multiple XML files generated on the fly.


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