Altova MapForce 2023 Professional Edition

When you compile a mapping to a MapForce Server execution file (.mfx), any global resource references used by the mapping are preserved, not resolved. This means that you will need to provide these references on the server side in order to run the mapping successfully. In MapForce Server, the following is required to run a .mfx file which uses global resources:


1.The Global Resources Definitions file. On the machine where MapForce is installed, the file is called GlobalResources.xml. You can find this file in the Documents\Altova folder. You can copy this file to the machine where MapForce Server runs and create multiple such files if necessary. See also Global Resources Setup Part 1.

2.The Global Resource configuration name. Each Global Resource has a default configuration. You can also create additional configurations.  For more information, see Global Resources Setup Part 2.


In MapForce, the Global Resource Definitions file and the Global Resource configuration name are set or changed from the graphical user interface. In MapForce Server, these are specified at mapping runtime (see below).


If you run the mapping through the command line interface, set the options --globalresourceconfig and --globalresourcefile after the run command, for example:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Altova\MapForceServer2023\bin\MapForceServer.exe run SomeMapping.mfx --globalresourcefile="C:\Users\me\Documents\Altova\GlobalResources.xml" --globalresourceconfig="Default"


If you run the mapping through the MapForce Server API, call the method SetOptions twice before calling the Run method. The first call is required to supply the Global Resource Definitions file path as an option, and the second call is required to supply the Global Resource configuration name.


For more information, see the MapForce Server documentation.


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