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Altova MapForce 2020 Professional Edition

Designing Mappings

Parsing and Serializing Strings

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String parsing and serialization is an advanced mapping technique that enables you to configure the component to either parse data from a string, or serialize data to a string. This technique can be regarded as an alternative to reading data from (or writing data to) files. MapForce components which parse strings or serialize data to strings can be useful in a variety of situations, for example:


You need to insert structures such as XML into database fields.

You need to convert XML fragments stored in database fields into standalone XML files.

You have legacy data stored as text (for example, fixed-length content in a single database field), and you would like to convert this data into a fully sortable, field-based structure


String parsing and serialization is available for the following MapForce component types:


Text (CSV, fixed-length field text)

XML schema files


String parsing and serialization is supported in MapForce target languages as follows.





BUILT-IN (preview the mapping transformation)



BUILT-IN (run the MapForce Server execution file)




This section includes the following topics:


About the Parse/Serialize Component

Example: Serialize to String (XML to Database)

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