JSON Data Mapping

JSON data mapping in Altova MapForce

Altova MapForce® 2017 provides powerful, visual data mapping functionality for mapping and transforming JSON data to or from XML, databases, EDI, XBRL, flat files, Excel and/or Web services. Convert data instantly, or save a MapForce Server execution file for recurrent transformation by MapForce Server or FlowForce Server.

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JSON Data Integration

MapForce includes an intuitive graphical interface for defining and executing data mappings based on JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) models. You can add JSON instance or JSON schema files as source or target components of a data mapping. MapForce reads and writes JSON files based on the JSON Draft 04 Schema.

As shown in the data mapping above, JSON components are displayed with appropriate element syntax and their data types are clearly indicated.

Data processing functions from the MapForce Function Library can be applied to transform JSON data, exactly as they are used with other components.

Autogenerate JSON Schemas

When you add a JSON file to a mapping, MapForce detects automatically whether it is a JSON schema or instance file. For JSON instance files, MapForce prompts you to browse for a JSON schema or generate one automatically. MapForce uses the JSON schema to build the structure of the component.

A JSON schema can allow multiple types to occur at the same location. In such cases, the MapForce component displays separate structure nodes for all basic types that can occur at that location.

MapForce also supports arrays in JSON components. If an array has different types of items in the JSON schema (for example, both strings and numbers), MapForce displays an "item" node for each item type. When writing to a JSON file, this lets you create arrays containing items of different types.

JSON Data Mapping Features:

  • Supports JSON as source or target component
  • Generates a JSON schema from an instance document
  • Supports mapping JSON subtypes
  • Supports JSON arrays containing mixed item types

JSON5 Support

MapForce supports JSON5 as input, output, or intermediate data mapping components in chained mappings.

JSON5 is a proposed extension to the JSON data format designed to make files easier to write by hand and more human readable than existing JSON files. JSON5 files are identified by the .json5 file extension.