Complex Data Conversion

Mapping data to and from multiple files in Altova MapForce

MapForce Data Mapping:

  • Process data from/into multiple files
  • Map data to and from all popular databases
  • Map XML, flat files, EDI, Excel, XBRL, & Web services
  • Data processing functions convert data on the fly
  • Direct file input and output (data streaming)
  • Data mapping automation through scripting or royalty-free code generation
  • FlowForce Server Beta for centralized automation

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Integrating to and from Multiple Data Sets

Altova MapForce is an extremely flexible data mapping tool for complex data integration and conversion projects. The input and destination of a data mapping can be mixed formats, including any combination of XML, databases, flat files, EDI, Excel, XBRL, and Web services. A data mapping can have one input mapped to one output, one input to many outputs, many sources to one destination, or many sources to many destinations, all in different data formats.

MapForce lets you integrate data from multiple files and data sources or split data from one source into many outputs. Multiple files can be specified through support for wildcard characters (e.g., ? or *) in filenames, a database table, auto-number sequences, or other methods. This feature is very useful in a wide variety of data integration scenarios; for example, it may be necessary to integrate data from a file collection or to generate individual XML files for each main table record in a large database.

MapForce also allows you to use file names as parameters in your data integration projects. This lets you create dynamic mappings in which specific file names are defined at run-time.

Chained Data Mappings

Chained transformations empower you to create complex mappings in which the output of one mapping becomes the input of another. This powerful feature adds to MapForce's ability to execute fully automated transformations. Each chained component becomes a modular entity in an interdependent transformation sequence, allowing for conversions to be made on-the-fly.

Chained transformations can be created using any number of mapping components connected to a final target component. Preview and code generation features can be displayed/generated for intermediate components, as well as for the final mapping result.

Intermediate mapping components have a "pass-through" button in the title bar. This button lets you define the set of data passed on to the following component.

A chained data mapping in Altova MapForce

Output Preview

When a data mapping produces dynamic output of multiple files, each file has its own numbered pane in the Output preview window. A convenient menu option lets you save all the output files in a single step.

For chained mappings and mappings producing multiple distinct output components, an icon on the component lets you assign it to the output preview window.

"MapForce has proven to be an easy-to-use, effective tool for making the data integration and mapping process much easier and faster to implement.”

-Dan Ochs, Principal Consultant, Wrycan

Output preview of a complex data mapping in Altova MapForce