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 @xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.xmlspy.com/schemas/orgchart OrgChart.xsd"







         Organization Chart




                 Nanonull, Inc.




                         The company was established 


                                 @css="font-weight: bold"


                                 in Beverly in 1995


                          as a privately held software company. Since 1996, Nanonull has been actively involved in developing nanoelectronic software technologies. It released the first version of its acclaimed 


                                 @css="font-style: italic"


                                 NanoSoft Development Suite


                          in February 1999. Also in 1999, Nanonull increased its capital base with investment from a consortium of private investment firms. The company has been expanding rapidly ever since.



                         Due to the fact that nanoelectronic software components are new and that sales are restricted to corporate customers, Nanonull and its product line have not received much media publicity in the company's early years. This has however changed in recent months as trade journals have realized the importance of this revolutionary technology.












                         900 Cummings Center













                 +1 (321) 555 5155 0



                 +1 (321) 555 5155 4



















                                 Office Manager
























                                 abc def









                                 fred joe
















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