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Custom Design

Instead of the fixed design, you can create a customized design for the MapForce documentation. The customized design is created in a StyleVision SPS. Note that there are 4 predefined SPS Stylesheets supplied with MapForce, please see Documenting mapping projects.


Specifying the SPS to use for MapForce documentation

The SPS you wish to use for generating the documentation is specified in the Generate Documentation dialog (accessed via File | Generate Documentation). Select the "Use User-Defined Design..." radio button then click the dropdown arrow of the combo box and select the file you want. The default selection is the OverallDocumentation.sps entry.


These predefined SPS files are located in the ...MapForce2019\Documentation\MapForce folder.


Note:To use an SPS to generate documentation, you must have StyleVision installed on your machine.


Creating the SPS

A StyleVision Power Stylesheet (or SPS) is created using Altova StyleVision ( An SPS for generating MapForce documentation must be based on the XML Schema that specifies the structure of the XML document that contains the MapForce documentation.


This schema is called MapForceDocumentation.xsd and is delivered with your MapForce installation package. It is stored in the ...\Documents\Altova\MapForce2019\Documentation folder.


When creating the SPS design in StyleVision, nodes from the MapForceDocumentation.xsd schema are placed in the design and assigned styles and properties. Note that the MapForceDocumentation.xsd includes the Documentation.xsd file located in the folder above it.


Additional components, such as links and images, can also be added to the SPS design. How to create an SPS design in StyleVision is described in detail in the StyleVision user manual.


The advantage of using an SPS for generating mapping documentation is that you have complete control over the design of the documentation. Note also that PDF output of the documentation is available only if an SPS is used; PDF output is not available if the fixed design is used.

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