Create an Online Database with AI

Altova RecordsManager AI Assistant

Create a Database — With a Single Prompt

Imagine expressing your database vision in a single sentence. Now, see it come to life with RecordsManager.

The AI Assistant in RecordsManager will generate a fully-featured database based on a single prompt. This not only saves an incredible amount of time and effort for app developers but also opens up the world of database creation to anyone, even if they have no background in database design. You simply tell the AI Assistant what type of information your app needs to store, and RecordsManager creates the database in seconds.

AI integration in RecordsManager empowers you to:

  • Go from idea to database in seconds
  • Eliminate the complexities of database design
  • Use simple or complex natural language prompts
  • Modify database structure with AI prompts
  • Deliver a full-feature database app for desktop & mobile in record time

Here's how to go from idea to database in seconds using RecordsManager

RecordsManager includes several sample prompts to use as inspiration to see how the functionality works and help you formulate a request.

Building an online database using AI in Altova RecordsManager

Once your AI request is processed, the database you described is created in RecordsManager. Based on the prompt above, a database has been created with tables and sample records for Members and Yachts. When we explore the tables, we see AI has also specified relevant fields for the database tables.

Database generated by AI

Modify the Database Using AI

After the first prompt, you can continue to use the AI Assistant to modify the database structure of your app:


  • Add new tables
  • Modify one or more existing tables
  • Remove some tables
  • Start over with an empty database


You can review the changes returned by IA before RecordsManager modifies the database structure.

Refine database using ChatGPT prompts

Review and Customize the AI-Generated Database

In addition to creating the database structure based on your prompts, RecordsManager has generated forms, filters, and reports for your database solution. Below is a data entry form auto-created for adding new member records with their yacht info to the database app.

Auto generated data entry form

When your database includes numerical data, RecordsManager even autogenerates reports for display and analysis.

Report generated by RecordsManager based on an AI prompt

Of course it's easy to modify or add to these database elements using the visual, no code tools in RecordsManager. For instance, you can modify the layout of forms, design a start page for your app, add data entry hints, reminders, change tracking, and much more.

Deploy Your Database Solution

Your RecordsManager online database solution is automatically optimized for mobile and desktop devices on iOS, Android, Windows, and other platforms. Your solution can be hosted on premises, in a private or public cloud environment, or in the Altova Cloud.

Try the Cloud-based Demo

You can experiment with the AI tools in RecordsManager using our cloud-based demo. You won't need to sign in or create an account; you can simply try some AI prompts to see how the functionality works.

Create Your Own Database with AI

When you are ready to create your own solution, simply download and install the latest version of MobileTogether Designer to use RecordsManager.