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Design the Home Page for Your App

At any time, ideally once your repository and data container structure are defined, you can visually design an attractive home page that will greet users when they open your app. This single view will show an overview of your data containers, the number of records available for viewing and/or editing, and past due and approaching reminders, when applicable.

Start page for your online database app

The home page is presented as a large table, which is an easy approach to efficient design. For most common cases, you can simply opt to auto-generate the overview page out of all repositories and data containers available. Alternatively, you may select which data containers will be seen on the overview page. If a data container is not included, then users will not be able to access it directly, for example, when data in a child container is only supposed to be edited within the parent container.

Data containers are grouped in their respective repositories, and you can customize the color themes for each for easy recognition. It’s easy to adjust the default layout by adding or deleting rows or columns, and in each table cell, you can add a data container, text, an image, or another table.

Home Page Alert Forms

In addition to helping users navigate the repositories and data containers in your app, the home page includes important date-based reminders with direct links to the affected records.

App administrators also have full flexibility to display other information – such as records with a certain status – using filters. You can design multiple Homepage Alert Forms for each container and select the one you want to use for that container. The selected form for each container will be displayed on the homepage with links to each record.

Different forms can be designed for different user roles for the ultimate personalization and flexibility.

Home page alert forms in RecordsManager

What's Next?

Now it’s time to define how users can access your app by defining user roles, permissions, and alert groups.

Get Started with RecordsManager

RecordsManager is a free, pre-built MobileTogether solution that is available for you to start using when you install MobileTogether Designer. Use the link below to download and install the free Altova MobileTogether Designer to get started on your first RecordsManager app.