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Browsing and Querying Databases

MapForce has a dedicated Database Query pane (also called DB Query) that allows you to query a database independently of the mapping process. Such direct queries are not saved together with the mapping *.mfd file but provide a convenient way to browse or modify the contents of a database directly from MapForce.


A separate DB Query pane exists for each currently active mapping. You can create multiple active connections, to different databases, within each DB Query pane. Note that the connections created from the DB Query pane are not part of the mapping and thus are not preserved after you close MapForce, unless you define them as Global Resources (see Global Resources).


The Database Query pane consists of the following parts:


Database Browser, which displays connection info and database tables
SQL Editor, in which you write your SQL queries
Results tab, which displays the query results in tabular form
Messages tab, which displays warnings or error messages.


The upper area of the Database Query pane contains the connection controls allowing you to define the working databases, as well as the connection and database schemas.

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