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Themes and Text Size

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The user interface of the app will be displayed with the default color theme and theme variations that your system administrator has set. The theme applies to the entire app, whereas different variations of the theme can be set for different databases. To change the color theme and/or theme variation, click the Settings button.


In the Theme combo box, select the theme that you want.

The Variation combo box is displayed only in the top-level container of a database, and sets the variation for this database. For example, in the screenshot below, all containers in the Contracts database have been given an Ocean theme with the Sea Spray variation.

Click to expand/collapse

Once you change a theme and/or variations, your ContractManager will be displayed with your changed theme and/or variations till you make another change or till your administrator changes the default theme and/or variations.


Click here for samples of available themes


Text size

The text size of labels and values will, by default, be displayed in the sizes defined by your system administrator. You can change both sizes together in the Text Size combo box (see screenshot above), with available choices being sizes relative to the admin-defined sizes.


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