Altova ContractManager

The Other Settings tab (screenshot below) provides access to a number of miscellaneous settings, which are described below.

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To change one of these settings, click its tab (see screenshot above).


Search: Select whether searches are performed on the fields currently in memory (of the client device) or on all fields in the database. Memory searches are faster but are limited to the fields currently loaded in memory. Database searches are more extensive but slower (the slowness is because the look-up is done on the database; the search itself is limited to the fields being used currently in forms).

Data Entry: If a filter restricts a user's access to data the user has entered, then this setting determines whether to prevent the saving of this data or to allow saving after warning the user.

Date & Time: These are global settings for all date and time fields (see screenshot above): (i) Date format for date fields; (ii) Date-editing buttons to include for date fields; (iii) Time format for time fields.

Browser Width: Sets the maximum width of forms when these are shown in browsers. This serves to stop the width expanding to the entire width of very wide browser windows.

Reminder Emails: Specifies (i) the URL of the ContractManager app as a link in reminder emails, and (ii) the email address that will appear in the email's Sender field.


Click Save Settings for your changes to take effect. The button is enabled after any of the settings above is edited. A single save applies to edits across all settings.


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