Altova ContractManager

Reminder emails are an important feature of ContractManager. They can be sent automatically to the concerned people when events related to contracts (such as verification, renewal, or cancellation) become due.


The mechanism for setting up reminder emails is as follows:


1.In the Alert Groups tab, set up alert groups on the basis of roles and/or users. Members of an alert group will be the recipients of reminder mails sent to the group. See the topic Alert Groups for information about this.

2.In the containers where reminders are required, set up one or more Reminder fields. These fields enable reminders and contain the container's reminder settings.

3.An administrator can specify that one or more reminders be automatically added to every new record created in that container. A user can subsequently modify the automatically added reminders.

4.Within a container, create an email form for the design of the reminder mails that will be sent. If you create more than one email form, go to the Edit Forms page to choose which one you want to use at any given time.

5.In a reminder's settings, set the recipients of that specific reminder.

6.Set the app's URL and the email sender's email address (see here).

7.During data entry, a user can modify reminder settings and manage reminders. See User Actions (User).


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