Altova ContractManager

Data for each field of the record is entered via a data-entry device such as a text field, combo box, or date picker, and data entry is straightforward. Click Save when you finish editing a record.


Note the following points:


If your system administrator has set validation rules for a field value, then the field name stays red till a valid value is entered.

If your system administrator has set validation rules for the record, errors/warnings will be displayed when you click Save.

When you are entering data for a new record, the Save++ button is available (in addition to the Save button). Click Save++ to save the record and create a new record.

The arrow buttons (see screenshot below) enable you to navigate to the previous and next records.


When you edit data of an existing record, the Changes button (see screenshot above) is available. Click it to see past and current changes that have been made to the record being edited. When you are in Changes Mode, you cannot edit the record. To leave Changes Mode, click Hide Changes. Changes Mode is described in the next topic, Audits and Change Tracking.

The icons at the top of the form provide additional functionality: Undo; Redo; Copy Current Record to New Record; Print. (For Print setup, see the Print topic); Help (links to the ContractManager user manual).



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