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Your data-entry form might be designed as a single page or might be divided into sections (see screenshots below). The following possibilities exist:


Single page

Single page divided into sections (each of which may initially be open or closed, independent of each other)

Sections (open or closed) that appear one after another (not on a single page)


The screenshot below shows the first three sections of a data-entry form, where all sections are on the same page. The first three section names are: (i) Contract Header, (ii) Contracting Party, (iii) Type, Status, Categories, Signee. When the form is initially displayed, the first and third sections are open, while the second is closed. To open/close a section, click the arrow to the left of its name.

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In the screenshot below, the data-entry form has nine sections, of which the second is shown. Each section appears one after the other; they are not on the same page. The section number and the total number of sections are given next to the section's name. To navigate between sections, click the Previous/Next arrows on either side of the section's header. Note that when sections are shown one after another, they are always shown open and cannot be closed.

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