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Altova Contract Manager

The Start Page (screenshot below) has two parts:


The upper part contains an overview of the system's databases and their respective containers. Each container displays a count of the container's records. Click a container to see its record listings and edit records

The lower part shows due reminders. Each list item is the reminder of a specific record. Click a reminder to go to its record. Click Snooze or Stop (located at the left of each reminder) to, respectively, snooze or stop the reminder.

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All your editing actions will be carried out on two types of pages:


Record Listings page of the container. You get to this page by clicking a container on the Start Page (screenshot above). From the Record Listings page of a container, you can edit existing records, add new records, generate reports and charts, and print record listings. See the respective topics for information about these features.

Data Entry forms of individual records. This page displays the data (the fields) of a record, enabling you to edit that record's data. You get to this page by clicking the record you want to edit on the Record Listings page.


For more information about how to edit data, see the respective topics of this section.


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