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A list form displays the records of a container in a particular layout. You can define multiple list forms for a single container. When a user clicks on a container, the records of the container are presented in a list form, and the user can choose which one of the available list forms to use.


The screenshot below shows a list form's configuration page. The top part of the page enables you to set properties for the list form, while the bottom part contains the layout of the form. Configuring a list form consists of (i) designing the layout of the form, (ii) defining its content and styles,and (iii) defining the properties of the form.

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You can configure list forms using the following design features and settings:


The layout of each list form is defined within a table, which you can structure according to how you want to display the records

Select the fields to show in the columns of the table  (or add alternative content)

Separately style the table's header text and its body text

If you want, you can group and sub-group records on the basis of fields

Filter the records to display by using predefined filters

Specify different kinds of access for different users


After completing your edits, click Save Form to finish. See the topics of this section for configuration details.


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