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System Administration

Quick Start: System Administration

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This topic lists the main procedures needed to set up a Contract Manager system and groups them into categories. The order in which these procedures are listed serve as a rough sequential guideline of how to configure your Contract Manager system. Very often, however, you will need to move back and forth among different procedures.


System administration can be concurrent with system use

You can reconfigure the database, add new forms, change settings, and carry out other administration tasks even after users have started working with the system. Any admin changes you have make will be reflected on the user side as soon as the user interacts with the system.


Configure the Contract Manager database and the Start Page

The starting point for database configuration is Contract Manager's sample database, which is available when you first open Contract Manager. If the structure of this database works for you, you can use it unchanged and start your Contract Manager work right away. All you would need to do is delete the sample records stored in the containers. Alternatively, you could modify the database structure as little or as much as you like, and change the formatting to suit your preference.


The main procedures for configuring the database structure are:



Set up system users and their roles

These procedures determine who will use the Contract Manager system and in what capacity. You should check whether the roles that are defined in the sample database suit your requirements. For the beginning, it might be best to use just the two predefined roles, Admin and All Users. After you become familiar with your data and its structure, the system, and your users, you can develop roles to suit your requirements.



Global settings and reminder mails

At an early stage in the development process, you should have a look at what global settings are available and consider how you can best use them. Reminder emails are probably best left to the end of the configuration process, but it would be useful to at least quickly look through the documentation abut reminders in order to see what is involved.



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