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A report form is designed to present a report of records in a specific container. A report consists of one or both of the following:


A table, where the columns represent the container fields and/or loose links that were selected for inclusion. Each row of the table holds a record of the container.

One or more charts. Each chart plots the values of fields assigned to the Y-Axis against a field assigned to the X-Axis.


You can create multiple report forms for a container. The report forms of a container will be available when a user is editing the records of a container and clicks the Reports button. At this point, if multiple report forms are available for the container, the user can choose the report form to use. For example, you can create forms with different filters to show different datasets. Or different reports could group records on different criteria. This would enable the user to quickly switch report forms to see, for example, reports of different and specific datasets (such as US companies only, or contracts that will expire in the next three months, or contracts valued above a certain amount).

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The screenshot above shows the design page of a report form. The design page has two parts:


In the upper part, you specify the properties of the report form

In the lower part, you design the layout of the report form: (i) the report table, and (ii) the report charts


How to configure a report form is described in the topics of this section.


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