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The fields of a container represent the attributes of that container and its records. For example, a Person container might have a Name field, an Email field, and a Responsibility field. These fields represent the attributes of Person records of the Person container. Within each container, you can define the fields of that container. The screenshot below, for example, shows the Edit Fields form of a Person container, which displays all the fields of that container.


The Edit Fields form (screenshot below) appears after you start the process to create a new container or when you click a container's Fields button. See the Containers topic for more information about how to access this form. The Edit Fields form provides (i) an overview of the container's existing fields, (ii) a list of the container's identity fields, and (ii) validation rules for records of the container.

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In this form, you can manage and configure the container's fields as follows:


Add a new field by clicking New Field. The Edit Field form appears and you can edit the new field's properties.

Edit the properties of existing fields. Click a field's name to edit its properties.

You can copy one or more existing fields from any other container. Click Copy, and, in the form that appears, select the fields you want to copy from some other container. On clicking OK, these fields will be copied into the list of the current container's fields. Click the new field's name to edit its properties.

Show the field's properties in more detail by checking Show Details at top right.

Change a field's position in the list by moving it to a position above any selected field. To do this, click the Up/Down Arrows icon on the right-hand side of the field's listing.

Remove a field by clicking the Delete Field icon on the right-hand side of the field's listing.

Set one or more fields to uniquely identify records. See Identity fields of container records.

Set validation rules for records of the container. Such rules validate the entire record; they are different than validation rules for individual fields and additional to them. See Validation rules for fields and records for details.


Icons of the Edit Fields page

The Edit Fields page has the following icons.



Delete Field


Move Up/Down




Move Up/Down: Changing the order of field

Moves the current field to a position above the field that you select.


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