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Offline Mode

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Offline Mode enables you to save selected records to your device, edit these records offline, and save your edits back to the server when you exit Offline Mode. The Offline Mode button (circled green in the screenshot below) is available at the Home level and the container level. For example, the screenshot below shows the Offline Mode button of the Companies container.


To go offline, edit records offline, and return online, do the following:


1.Click the Offline Mode button (circled green in the screenshot below) at any level where it is available.

2.In the Enable Offline Mode form that appears (see screenshot below), select the container/s that you want to edit offline.

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3.Click Load data and go offline.

4.Records of the container/s that you selected will be available for editing offline. Edit these and save your changes.

5.That you are in Offline Mode will be indicated by a button named OFFLINE at top right. To go back online and save your changes to the server database, click OFFLINE. When you are back online, your changes will be saved automatically to the ContractManager database.




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