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Reports can be generated for the records of a container, separately for each container. The content and layout of reports is defined by your system administrator in a report form. If a report form exists for a container, then the Reports button on the container's Record Listings page is enabled (see screenshot below).

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Report options

On clicking the Reports button, the Report Options form appears (screenshot below).


You can set the following options:


If multiple report forms have been defined for the container, then set the Show report option to the report form you to want to use. If only one report form is available, then this option is not displayed.

Select whether the report should be generated for all records in the container or only the records in the current record listing (for example, the record listing Standard list form that is shown in the first screenshot of this topic, has four records, which may not be the full record count of this container.


The generated report

After the report has been generated, you are once again given the report options (see above), but this time within the generated report (see screenshot below).


Additionally, you can print the report by clicking the Print icon (see screenshot above). The report will be created as a PDF, which you can save to file.


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