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Quick Start: System Use

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Before you read this section and get started, we recommend that you read the General Information section, especially the section How Data Is Stored, which explains how the ContractManager database is structured into the containers in which your data records will be stored. As a user of the ContractManager app, a large part of your work will involve working with these containers. You will be adding new records and editing existing records.


The Start Page of the app serves as your navigational base. It provides access to the individual containers, within each of which you can edit the records of that container. The due reminders on the Start Page also take you to the record of a particular reminder.

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How to use the app

Data entry

From the Start Page select a container to which you want to add records (or a container whose records you want to edit)

On a Container Page, you can view records according to the different listing possibilities available for that container

On a Container Page, you can search for specific records

On the data entry form of a record (its Record Page), edit the record

On a Record Page, you can track changes made to the record and audit the record (that is, see who made changes to the record)

On a Record Page, you can copy the current record to a new record

On a Record Page, if reminders have been enabled for that container, you can set new reminders and edit existing reminders


Data processing

From a Container Page, you can export the records of that container to XML and CSV data formats

From a Container Page, you can generate reports about the records of that container and print those reports

From a Record Page, you can print the details of a record according to the format of that page


Note:        You can also work offline. Your changes will be synchronized automatically when you come back online.


The Help button is available on Container Pages and Record Pages. Click Help on any of these pages to open the online user manual of Altova ContractManager in a new browser tab.


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