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The Container Page (screenshot below) displays an overview of a container: the container's records and the functionality available for that container. To go to a specific container's Container Page, click the container's name on the Start Page.

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The central feature of the Container Page is its listing of the container's records. If your system administrator has created multiple listing options for this container, then you will be able to select which one to use (see screenshot). The listings will have descriptive names to enable you to choose. You can switch between these listing options. Lists will be different from each other in one or more of the following ways: (i) they have different layouts; (ii) they show different record fields; (ii) they restrict the number of records shown (for example, show only US companies).


The Container Page provides the following functionality: most of which are available via the icons at top right:


In the View combo box, select a list from the available viewing lists. You can switch between lists at any time.

To add a new record, click New <Container>. For information about data entry, see the topic Record Data.

To edit an existing record, click that container's Edit icon. For a description of how to edit records, see the topic Record Data.

To delete a record, click its Bin icon.

If alphabetic sorting on a column is possible, such columns are indicated with a vertical arrow (circled in red above). The arrow direction indicates the current sorting order (up = ascending; down = descending). Click the arrow to sort in the opposite order.

To search for specific records, select the Search check box. See Record Searches for details.

To jump to a specific record. See Jump To for details.

Export the records of the container in CSV and XML formats. See Export to XML, CSV for details.

Generate reports about the container's records and print these reports.

Print the currently selected listing. See the section Print for details.






The Help button is available on Container Pages and Record Pages. Click Help on any of these pages to open the online user manual of Altova ContractManager in a new browser tab.


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