Altova ContractManager

Image Settings (screenshot below) enable you to organize your images and to set the properties of images that you use in forms.


The available image settings are:


Image Library: Click Edit Image Library to go to the library of images that are used for designing forms. Here you can add new images to the library and edit design-related properties of the image, such as image size and alignment. The properties you set for an image will apply to all usages of that image.

Image Size: Sets the maximum size of images when these are imported into the library. The size limit applies to new imports only.

Change Tracking: This setting applies not only to images but to files as well. If the tracking of changes is enabled, then the effect is as follows. For images, those images used in the past will be tracked and will be available for use. For files, not only will past files be available, but previous states of edited files will also be available.

Company Logo: Select the image from the Image Library that you want to set as the company logo. This image will appear on all pages of the ContractManager app.


Click Save Settings when done.


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