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The Record Page (screenshot below) displays the data of a single record of a container. You can select different data entry forms to view and edit the record's data in different layouts. Note that different data entry forms not only have different layouts, but could also show or hide different fields.

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The following points describe the main features of record pages:


A new record can be created for a container by going to the Container Page and clicking New <ContainerName>. This brings up the Record Page.

If templates have been defined for the container, you will be given the option of selecting a template instead of starting with a blank record.

A Record Page essentially displays a data-entry form. If multiple data-entry forms have been defined for the container, then you can switch data-entry forms at any time during editing of the record.

Your system administrator might have divided long data-entry forms into sections for ease of navigation.

Every record can be viewed in Changes Mode, where changes can be tracked and audited.


The sub-sections of this section describe these features in detail.



The Help button is available on Container Pages and Record Pages. Click Help on any of these pages to open the online user manual of Altova ContractManager in a new browser tab.


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