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On the Database Structure page (screenshot below), click the Overview button to go to the Overview Form, where you can design the Start Page of your app.

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Designing in the Overview Form

The page that you design in the Overview Form will be the page that users of the app will see when they start the app (its Start Page). This page must provide a well-designed entry point for viewing, editing, and otherwise processing records. Typically it would provide access to the app's containers. Due reminders will be added automatically to the Start Page below the table that makes up the Overview Form. So you do not have to include a template for due reminders in the Overview Form


The Overview Form is essentially one table, which we call the Overview Form Table. You can add/delete rows or columns to this table. Inside each table cell, you can add a container, text, an image, or another table. It is in this way that the design of the Start Page is built up inside the Overview Form Table. The screenshot below shows the Overview Form of the Altova ContractManager app. The Overview Form Table contains two rows, each of which contains a table. All three tables are indicated by table icons, which are located above right of each table.  

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You can choose to auto-generate the Start Page by selecting the Auto-generate radio button near the top of the page. In that case, the Start Page is automatically generated on the basis of the database structure. To design a custom page, select the Manual design radio button.


To manually design the Start Page, do the following:


1.Click the Table-editing entry helpers icon at top right of the table you want to edit (see screenshot below). This causes the table editing icons to appear. In the screenshot below, the table-editing icons of the table inside the first row have been switched on. This is done by clicking the table icon. To switch off the table-editing icons, click the table icon again. Callouts in the screenshot indicate the functions of the table-editing icons.

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2.Structure the table as you want. You can insert and append columns and rows, as well as delete individual columns and rows. You can also insert sub-tables inside a cell by clicking the cell's Edit content icon, then going to the Table tab and defining the table to insert.

3.Set styles for each table as you want. Note that images can also be added to cells.

4.When you have finished, click Save.


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