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An Alert Group defines a group of users. Any number of Alert Groups can be defined. Reminder emails concerning a particular contract can then be sent to all members of one or more Alert Groups.


This topic describes how to create Alert Groups. For information about how to send reminder email notifications, see the section Reminder Mails.


The Alert Groups tab

The Alert Groups tab (accessed via the Manage Users tab of the Configuration Page)  shows a list of the current Alert Groups (screenshot below).

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To create a new Alert Group, click New Alert Group. To view or edit an existing Alert Group, click that Alert Group. To delete an Alert Group, click its Bin icon. After creating a new Alert Group or editing an existing Alert Group, click Save All to save the modifications (or click Cancel to discard the modifications and return to the Configuration Page).


Adding roles/users to Alert Groups

The form to define an Alert Group is shown with different options in the screenshots below. It appears when you click New Alert Group (to create a new Alert Group) or an existing Alert Group (to edit the group).

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The following points explain how to define an Alert Group:


The name of an Alert Group can be edited at any time.

If you assign a role to the group, then all the users that are associated with this role automatically become members of the group. Individual users can be added to the group (on top of the users selected by role). In the screenshot at top left above, for example, the user named Trinity has been added to the set of users selected via the Legal and Executive roles.

Instead of adding users via roles, you can add users directly to the group as has been done in the screenshot at top right above.

Individual users can be allowed to opt out of or in to a group. If this option (located at the top of the form; see screenshots above) is selected, then individual users of the group can themselves choose, during data entry, to exit the group. They can return to the group at a later time. How to do this is described in the section System Use: Reminders. Note that this option is not available if the group definition includes a role.


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