Altova Product Upgrade Information

Discounted Product Upgrades

If your product is one version behind the current software version, you can upgrade today and effectively save 40% off the current list price through the Altova Online Shop. For example, if your product license is for StyleVision 2013, and you are upgrading to StyleVision 2014, you will pay only 60% of the list price for version 2014.

If your product is more than one version behind the current version, you can upgrade via the Altova Online Shop and effectively save 20% off the current list price. For instance, if your product license is for MapForce 2011, and you’re upgrading to MapForce 2014, you’ll pay just 80% of the list price for version 2014.


Save up to 40% off the regular price of your Altova product when you upgrade to the current version.


Note: The List Prices and Totals displayed on the Altova Online Shop pages will instantly take the relevant upgrade discount(s) into account. The Savings given are displayed for informational purposes only and are not to be construed as additional discounts.

Get Free Upgrades with SMP

The Altova Support and Maintenance Package (SMP) provides free upgrades to all maintenance releases and major product versions.

If your current software license includes valid SMP, simply download the latest version of your product, and your existing SMP-enabled key code will activate the software.

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Note: Discounted price upgrades are not available for Altova Authentic® Browser Plug-in Enterprise Edition.